Justin Sullivan, Sullivan Photography

Justin Sullivan, Sullivan Photography


May 2017

Wonderbag comes to the aid of affected Imizamo Yethu township

Although summer in Cape Town is normally associated with magnificent weather and wonderful tourist attractions, locals living in the region also have to contend with the harsh reality of fire hazards that come with the hot, dry climate. March 2017 saw a blaze that affected more than just the fynbos and Cape Town’s major sporting events. Hout Bay’s Imizamo Yethu township was the unfortunate community who experienced an ‘apocalyptic’ blaze that swept through the settlement. The fire affected more than 15 000 people with over 3 500 homes being destroyed and four lives lost.

True to their mantra of ‘goodness in a bag’ Wonderbag has now joined the many residents and organizations rallying support for the community members who have lost their homes. “We have donated 30 bags to kick start the campaign where we are asking sympathetic residents and businesses to pledge R200 donations to the Wonderbag Foundation that will see to the provision and distribution of a Wonderbag in the community along with educational activations of how to use this risk averse product,” stated Fiona James, Managing Director of Wonderbag.

This proudly South African product’s non-electric heat retention qualities include many benefits not just limited to major savings on cost of fuel to cook food on a day to day basis, but also making sure this community never has to deal with future fires breaking out as a result of unattended food left cooking over an open fire. This revolutionary product allows for food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods to continue to cook for up to 12 hours, without using any additional energy and more importantly – without the danger of fire or burning anyone who comes into contact with it. The multitude of other benefits linked to this product, that normally retails between R360 and R450 per Wonderbag, includes saving families time normally spent watching over food being cooked and providing them with the most nutritious meals and sustenance that this type of slow cooking offers.

“We feel desperately for those families and individuals who have lost all their belongings and the roof over their heads to this terrible fire. Hopefully these initial Wonderbags and the many others we hope to provide them with as a result of donations, will give them with more than just sustenance, but also hope as they start to re-build their lives with the help of those around them providing support,” concluded James.

To donate to this worthy cause, please visit www.wonderbagfoundation.co.za/donate-now/ or alternatively, use the banking details below to contribute to the Hout Bay fire victims.