Dear Family and Friends of the Wonderbag World,

What a year 2017 has been for so many of us, not just in South Africa, but around the world. And for me, it is against this background of uncertainty and ill-health, that I decided to partake in some self-healing and self-reflecting.

And in doing so, it has dawned on me that supporting ones own communities and friends is a priority that one must first partake in before one can get to save the whole world.

I was first introduced to the Maqwaheni Feeding Project by a very dear friend, who had no idea that this project and its community is in fact where many of our wonderful Wonderbag team actually reside. And because of this, I decided to visit and see what it was all about. This very sparse but amazing program feeds 46 vulnerable children, some 3 times a week. These children are brought daily to the Feeding Program by social workers and concerned citizens. It is run by 2 of the most incredible women, who volunteer to do all the cooking and also to ensure that these children are safe and never exposed to any harm at all. This has up until now, been supported by some incredibly caring and generous people from the local church congregations and the surrounding areas. 

But to me, these children need 5 meals a week, not just 3, as well as breakfast daily before going to school. I have discussed it with my team plus all the people working in our factory, most of whom have been with us for over 7 years, and we unanimously agreed to adopt this program, and we are now feeding the children 5 days a week, but are yet to be able to supply breakfast. We would so love your support not only feed these fragile children more food, but to strive to have a Christmas party for them and to be able to give them gifts which would include hygiene packs and food hampers, as well as soccer balls and games.

One of our incredible staff members has now started a soccer team called Tongaat United, which allows many of the children who we are now feeding, to participate in this sport and to enjoy being part of a supportive environment. We are in the process of purchasing new kits and accessories for them all. If anyone can help support this incredible effort it would also be deeply appreciated. 

If you would like to support any of our efforts and join us in helping bring a bit of wonder and healthy happiness into these children's lives, we have a wish list which we can provide.

Thank you so much and remember, that for every Wonderbag you buy, a donation goes into our Foundation, which supports so many different people in need, but this holiday season, we are endeavouring to keep it local and lekker!

With my deepest gratitude to you all,