Alice Kramer

Board of directors 

Alice Kramer is on the board of the Wonderbag Foundation and has been part of the Wonderbag journey since it was founded in 2009.  Sarah Collins, the founder of wonderbag, and Alice have known each other since they were little girls growing up in the same town in South Africa. They have a common vision for the empowerment of women to enable school attendance and education. Unless the basic human needs of food, health and access to energy are met, girls don't even get as far as the school gates.

As a Wonderbag Foundation board member, Alice has been critical in exploring ways to scale, form partnerships and enable joint ventures with global corporations. She, like Sarah, completely believes that development for women and girls and boys will happen first and foremost with business support and this vision drives the Wonderbag's dual commercial and foundation business model. Alice has supported Sarah in thinking through the challenges and has been instrumental in executing empowerment solutions using catalysts like the Wonderbag as tools to empower homes.

Alice is a firm believer in the life changing power of education. She partners the principal of the Hout Bay High School in the disadvantaged Hangberg community in Cape Town. Schools in disadvantaged communities have to overcome many socio-economic challenges, including poverty, hunger and poor health before meaningful learning can take place.  At a Wonderbag Foundation meeting in May 2016 Sarah and Alice decided to launch the Wonderbag Coalition of Action (COA) at the Hout Bay High School. The Wonderbag COA unites communities and leaders across the world to work together to achieve many of the world's sustainability goals. The school has benefitted on many levels since the COA launch. Their feeding scheme has been transformed, they are now using Wonderbags to cook delicious, nutritious  meals using staple foods and vegetables from the school garden and they are saving electricity in the process. Over 200 families in the school community bought subsidised wonderbags and are seeing the benefits of reduced monthly energy costs and reduced cooking time. Devastating shack fires are a regular occurrence in the long, hot dry summers in Hout Bay. These fires are often caused by unattended cooking fires or paraffin stoves. Wonderbags significantly reduce the time food needs to be on a heat source which in turn reduces the risk of shack fires, burns and disease caused by fumes, smoke.

Most of Alice's working life has been in IT, but she also spent a number of years in Food Product development, Brand Management, Food Trends Consulting and as a School Teacher. She has a Bachelor's degree in English and Computer Science and a Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) from the University of Cape Town and an Honours degree in English Literature from the University of South Africa.