Dave Burton

CFO, Wondermeals, Inc.

Dave Burton, CPA is the CFO of Wondermeals, Inc. and NY-managing partner of Burton & Co, CPAs.  Before juggling home-cooked Wonderbag leftovers in one hand while crunching numbers on his old-school printing calculator with the other, Dave hailed from South Florida where he went on graduate in the top of his class with a Masters & Bachelor’s Degrees of Accounting from the University of Florida.  After a stint at Ernst & Young’s NYC tax department, Dave landed at a large asset management company where he built his own tax department from the ground up.  “I wouldn’t say I’m an excel master, but I have skills…,” Dave muses to himself as he writes this bio.  Still wondering why any sane person would choose a life of accounting and taxes, Dave is absolutely thrilled to be putting his education towards the Wonderbag Foundation. 

Serving the community has been the foundation for all stems of Dave’s career. The Wonderbag family has been such a fulfilling experience both professionally and spiritually; quite literally (non-electrically slow-cooked) chicken soup for the soul.  Dave hopes to continue to bring value and insight to help the Foundation achieve its goal of a Wonderbag to ever needy family.  If Dave ever gets out of his office, it’s normally to see live music or travel.  An avid backpacker, Dave thanks his lucky stars to be a part of a global organization with such a virtuous cause.