Tanuja Ramsaroop


Phoenix resident and 36-year old Tanuja Ramsaroop, is a wife and mother of two wonderful children, Diyelka who is 8 years old and Ansh who is turning 4. Before she joined the Logistics Department at Natural Balance Global (Pty) Ltd, the holding company and manufacturer for Wonderbag, Tanuja was a stay at home mom.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity and experience becoming part of another family that is the Wonderbag team! I really love the challenge that working for the company gives me because no day is ever the same and to stay on top of all the admin required means I have to be very hands on and informed,” enthuses Tanuja.

Apart from the stimulating work environment, Tanuja says that her favourite thing about Wonderbag is that it always gives back to the community, whether it’s through the donation of bags or providing employment.

“My favourite Wonderbag recipe would have to be the creamy mushroom and herb pilaf. It is delicious and best of all, being a working mom now I really value the extra time I have with my kids and family - so not being stuck in the kitchen for long periods of time because I am using my Wonderbag to cook a delicious meal is fantastic,” says Tanuja.