8 Months, 7 People

Thank you to Erika Ferreira for her guest blog below.

"As soon as I set my mind to travel Europe in a camper, I knew I had to plan well. Seven people in a camper for eight months is going to be a challenge.  

I thought of practical ways to pack things, store food and prepare food.  I love cooking so eating take-aways or canned food is not going to work.  Although there has been times that it came in handy.

When I found out about the Wonderbag I was excited for the new challenge, to learn to cook in a bag, and to know that we have other options.

It is so practical, and I believe all campers should have one.  In the morning I prepare dinner, and at night when we come back tired to the van, dinner is ready!!! Yogurt only takes me a few minutes before bedtime, and we have delicious natural yogurt for breakfast.

Thank you Wonderbag for making my life easier. "

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