DIN Malawi introductory WonderFeast


Fydes Lestone leading a Wonderbag cooking demonstration with Members of a DIN Malawi hiv/AIDS support group


DIN Malawi leaders Anderson Billiat and Joshua Malunga and team were treated to an introductory Wonderfeast led by Fydes Lestone, Wonderpreneur, in January, 2019. She gave them a Wonderbag cooking demonstration to clearly illustrate how beneficial Wonderbag cooking would be for the families that DIN Malawi serves. After the Wonderfeast, Joshua Malunga, Program Manager, said,

β€œOn behalf of DIN Malawi I would like to give the recommendation of the Wonderbags after using them yesterday (29th January, 2019) at our office where Fydes Lystone, a good teacher, came to demonstrate on how the Wonderbag works. We had a good time with her where she cooked meat and rice by using Wonderbags. We are very excited to say that we are happy to use them in our community by looking the impacts of this project can bring to our community, such as help the community reduce the effects of climate change and deforestation, and reduce the time women spend cooking at home which can, in turn, give more time for school/studies and cause less exhaustion to our members who suffer from HIV/AIDS which is an issue in Chikwawa- Malawi.”