Let's Get Cooking!

Chiara is baking and selling cookies to raise money to help women and girls in Africa. Donate here to help reach her goals.

IMAGINE building a small pile of wood and kindling in your house, and setting fire to it. There is no fan to extract the smoke. You must tend the fire for at least an hour. Go collect more firewood. Repeat. Without alternatives, millions of women spend time and precious natural resources to feed their families in this manner.

Our award-winning, heat retention Wonderbags are proven to reduce the need for open fire cooking.  

Over the past two years, Wonderbag student ambassador, Chiara, has baked and sold over 7,000 cookies, raising money to help women transition to cleaner Wonderbag cooking. Additional generous donors tipped her over the finish line to reach her goal to help 2,000 people in South Africa. Now she is on a mission to help even more people! 

"The Wonderfeast at eSibonisweni Primary School is days away. I have baked and sold enough cookies to purchase Wonderbags and generous donations have helped provide all the food for the families. Now, let's keep going and host WonderFeasts in communities across Africa!"  - Chiara

Read more about Chiara's journey here.