Details on Wonderbag Impact

We take accountability seriously and have an independent board of directors who monitor accountability.

On the ground, for each bag that is donated to a community member, we log a serial number and details of where and to whom the bag has been distributed to. A few months after we complete an activation, we return back to the community to research a sample of individuals regarding how the Wonderbags are being used, if they are being used, and whether they are making a difference.

Wonderbag has also conducted the following independent research:

  • Economic Benefits of the Wonderbag Cooking Technology: An Impact Assessment at University of California Berkeley (Jan 2014)
  • An Assessment of an Insulated Energy Efficient Cooking Aid in a roll-out programme in the Western Cape (Feb 2014)

As we grow, we hope to connect with like-minded partners in order to fund more in-depth qualitative research. If you would like to partner in this area, please contact us.

We are a registered NPO Ref. 095-915-NPO and registered PBO Ref. 930038852 (Section 18A tax exemption status therefore applies).


The Wonderbag Foundation is audited bi-annually by an independent auditor. All financial results are audited by an independent auditor. For further information, contact us through our contact form.