Over 1,000,000 Wonderbags active today


by the numbers




of humanity still cooks over an open fire

people die annually from indoor air pollution

of cleared land is never replanted


Global air pollution is the number one cause of death today.

Over 3 billion people cook over an open fire everyday causing 4 million people to die each year from illness caused by indoor air pollution-related diseases. 50% of deaths from pneumonia of children under 5 are caused by breathing particulates from household air pollution. Using a Wonderbag can decrease indoor air pollution by up to 60%, saving 1.7 trees each year in the process. For more details on measuring impact, see the page here.


by the numbers




maximum reduction in electricity

trees saved from reduction in firewood

of water reduced in cooking


Wonderbags reduce time poverty, giving time back to women and allowing girls to go to school.

Women cooking with a Wonderbag can save 1,465 hours of work each year by reducing the amount of time spent spent over an open flame and gathering cooking fuels. This gives women time to earn an income and allows girls to go to school instead of having to gather wood daily. This is a safety issue for girls; in remote areas of Africa, 82% of rapes occur while girls are collecting firewood.


by the numbers




jobs created since inception

Increase in daily income

increase in disposable income from fuel savings


Wonderbags are economic game changers.

In Ghana, women using Wonderbags went from earning $.20 to $2.00 per day; time saved can be used  to earn money. There are currently over 10,000 active WonderPreneurs globally. A WonderPreneur is someone who is selling a Wonderbag, making a Wonderbag, using a Wonderbag in a catering business, or transporting food in a Wonderbag.

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