Puerto Rico

Image from NBC News

Image from NBC News

”Most of the internal communities on the island still has no power, and as the Wonderbag is the ideal supplement to support women cooking, I know this is absolutely the right thing to do. I would dearly love other corporations and individuals to support similar cooking solutions for Puerto Rico." 
-Sarah Collins

Following the devastation, unprecedented in Puerto Rico’s modern history, caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, founder of Wonderbag and pioneer of change, Sarah Collins, will be on the ground in Puerto Rico this coming year to run Wonderfeasts for a corporate client who are supporting their colleagues trying to get back to as much normality as is possible under the circumstances.

Many of these communities may be without electricity and cooking fuels for months if not years, so with each Wonderbag, a kerosene stove will be given to families to start the cooking process and then once pot is placed in the Wonderbag it can continue to cook without additional fuel. Saving kerosene canisters or other food. Cooking also uses less water when using a Wonderbag hence saving precious water, where it is also a very scarce commodity.

Requiring no external power source and using heat-retention cooking technology, the Wonderbag allows food that was brought to a boil by conventional methods to cook for up to 8 hours without any additional power or cooking fuel.  The Wonderbag reduces the energy normally required for cooking by up to 80%, while dramatically reducing time-poverty, saving lives, and feeding communities who are desperately in need. 

The Wonderbag is changing the lives and economic situations as well as humanitarian needs in thousands of homes across the world, we are doing our first Wonderfeasts of the Caribbean.

A Wonderfeast is a catalyst for communities to come together to learn about life saving opportunities, we cook a wholesome meal and demonstrate how the Wonderbag works and then everyone gets to share a meal and also it's an opportunity to discuss other challenges and not feel alone in whatever circumstances surround that particular community.